Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Auditorium LCD Projectors

Auditorium LCD Projectors are generally up to 40kg in weight, with 3,000 lumens (a measure of brightness) and above, have SVGA (brightness range from 1700 - 2000 lumens) or XGA (brightness range from 2000 - 3000 lumens, are more expensive than SVGA) native resolution. Auditorium projectors are mostly LCD projectors and usually come with a ceiling or rear mount facility. They usually have motorized zoom lens, are generally operated via remote control and offer multiple input and output ports for both PC and video. Auditorium LCD Projectors generally require external speakers and are targeted at spacious venues like theaters, auditoriums and convention halls.
In other words, auditorium LCD projectors are heavy duty, and super bright, allowing them to provide the added illumination for very large applications. These projectors deliver high brightness that can be used in a wide range of places. They generally come with a lens shift function and a wide range of optional, interchangeable lenses also contributes to installation ease. These LCD Projectors have a variety of functions for high picture quality and network compatibility is also included. Providing realistic colors, sharp contrast, and super bright images, they enable presentations with persuasive impact in a variety of situations.
Some factors which help in choosing a better Auditorium LCD projection lamps: Lumens, Resolution, Lens Power, Keystone Correction, Scanning Frequency, Contrast, Lens Throw Ratio, Aspect Ratio, Image Offset Range, Computer Compatibility, Video Compatibility, Image and Mouse control, Projection Modes, Color Reproduction and Lamp Life.
These projectors generally have a specially designed auto focus lens, which allows for quick and easy switching between multiple screens with minimal user adjustments. Their automatic color correction feature provides true color reproduction even when projecting onto colored or textured walls for a perfect presentation anywhere. Some of them have a "3-D Reform technology", which lets one set up the projector virtually anywhere in the room and still get an aligned image.
While choosing the right LCD projector for an auditorium, the dimensions of the auditorium, the ambient light conditions and the distance where the projector will be placed from the screen should considered and projectors whose specifications exceed the requirements should be considered.

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